price of fiber cable ?

hi , I am on copper line now I went to bsnl exchange to get fiber ,they said there is no demand from my area either I have to get a 500 meter fiber cable or I get 4 or 5 people who want connection , well , no one wants connection in my area so I have to think about getting that cable now my question is , how much this is gonna cost and do you guys know if I can just request about this fiber connection to any superior officer, well I understand its hard for them to waste that cable for only 1 connection but again I am an old bsnl customer and I game a lot and gaming on copper is garbage atleast on my copper line and I have 16 attenuation and this means I am really close to exchange , thanks
ask them if they will put the fibre if you pay for the fibre and installation charges or you need to try your luck in a computer store for the fibre