Pressed Reset Accidentally. Can not reconfigure FTTH ONT.

I kinda pressed reset button and I feel very sorry for doing it now. However I did that because the internet was not working.

Now I'm unable to reconfigure the network as I don't know the username and password. Need help
The thing is they didn't give me any username and password as such. My phone number is 0821-2971770. That's all i know :(

Although I seem to recall the username to be similar to the one mentioned by you, It is not working. When I asked the BSNL customer care they told me it was my8212971770_sid. But that's not working either. I'm pretty sure that the password is password.


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Interesting if I look at the first two letters in my username, they correspond to the first two letters of the person in whose name the connection is, nid might be for North zone, sid for south.

so use an instead of my and give it a go? Do add and try also.
I'll try that. Meanwhile is there any extra configuration to be done for landline over fiber(that is Voice channels)?

PS: Also, The my might has something to do with mysore, my city. The change in username has been to no avail