Postpaid to Prepaid, Its A mental harrasment to get it done, Thanks Vodafone India for the torture


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Been on vodafone postpaid plan for i think 6 years, before this I was on pre-paid and before that i was on same network but
the number I used was from "essar cellphone" era which was i think year 2001, even before it was taken by Hutch and then Vodafone.

I've sold one of my business in Aug.2011, so cannot use this postpaid as primary number as many customer
still call by mistake but I don't want voice calls on this number anymore.

But being a old number I don't remember what and where this number is saved, I do get lot of personal SMS and have no idea how
many places i need to update the number so to cut the long story short, I decided to convert to pre-paid from postpaid plan as this number is mostly
switched off. I turn it ON, once a day and get all the SMS delivered and thats all i want from this number.

Visited Vodafone store in aug end and was asked to raise a request with 111 then visit their store again. Fine will do that,
Placed a request for pre-paid conversion at 111, and got a call in couple of days that i need to visit the store again to complete the request
Visited again, the girl at store says you are not approved for conversion.
WHAT THE HELL, 6 years, decent use, never missed a bill Payment date, never got barred for services and this is the treatment, Thanks I am greatful

In a few days I Called 111 and was asked to wait for callback for some reasons.

Got a call from vodafone regional office and after lots of discussion I agreed for the downgrade to Rs.99/month plan
and got a confirmation call which explained me blah blah of this plan, I said OK and was informed that from coming billing cycle I will be migrated to the
explained plan.

Now the oct bill comes, with old postpaid plan Rent,
I checked vodafone my account and still i am on the OLD plan.

Called up customer care and was given answer like I've recently come across the cellphone world and I need to visit the stupid store again to submit
the plan change request, as they said they have no previous request.
I requested a callback from supervisor and was told they don't call back, if you want the CC Exec. can transfer the call.
I agreed again, 5-10mins of patience and my call was dropped by them

I called up 111 again and was given another strange answer that I need to visit vodafone store to change a plan or request conversion to pre-paid
I explained him that I am a old customer and have been good in usage and payments, please understand and either change my plan to cheapest postpaid, or
migrate me to a pre-paid connection but the executive seems to have trained very well to repeat what canned answer he can give to any customer.

If my plan was not changed, then you have LIARS employed who call you back and confirm a plan change and never said that i need to visit
any stupid store to complete this, there was no mention of any action required from my end, only think sounded was like the executive was happy
to retain a post-paid customer, but seems once the customer agreed to remain on post-paid they just dump your request so you can be billed
for a higher amount plan.

So my point of starting this thread is,
Vodafone India attitude has changed a lot, they just want new customers, existing ones can be dumped easily
Vodafone gives a Damn on you, no matter how loyal you may have been, ( you will be proven stupid after your loyalty)
They love making you run like their DOG between 111 and vodafone store
WHY the hell i visit the sickening store to make a request which will be kicked to 111 and so on..............

I have more business to take care of, I don't have stupid patience and time to listen to CRAP told by your ultra bright zozo type staff
who will never resolve a problem, all they are good at is handle those stupid request "CALLAR TUNEWA KA PAISA KAT GAWA, ka kari bhaiya"
Vodafine don't sound even a bit professional in all my recent experiences.

No matter how polite you remain on 111, they will work their @ss off to excite you and get fed up but they will certainly show you the
stupid idea to visit the sick store again.

I have other postpaid with Reliance, IDEA, BSNL and must say vodafone India Service quality is gone south.
my recent experience with Reliance customer care, 5 mins resolution to cancel blackberry service
2 mins resolution for plan change on rim landline, Plans changed and pro-rata refund of advance rental adjusted with new plan
this is what is called transparent business and services.

And most surprising, my BSNL broadband plan change application was processed and completed even before I drove back from BSNL office
which was something strange and BSNL is always criticized for poor turn around times, but seems they have improved a lot.

So at the end, I now regret for being a vodafone DOG :anger3:

However I don't argue much, I have seen the voda true color for this request, there are many operators to choose from
Thanks to TRAI for portability, I will save many more minutes of future torture by taking away this number from voda.

I'll get this number ported to any 1 like Idea/AIRTEL/RIM and one of old friend will take care of this and has promised me to very smooth,
else as I never skipped a bill and have rights to get this done forcefully, I may seek LEGAL HELP

however I might be sending this bitter experience to TRAI very soon along with supporting documents.


@ghpk,Simply apply for another operator using MNP. The other day, airtel was refusing to change the ownership of my number. (They said it could be done only for blood relatives.)I applied for MNP, and voild, ownership to that number was changed without any problem (of course by the new operator)


I still remember back in 2007 when i wanted to close my airtel post-paid connection and CC's kept requesting me to try their "new" plan.........i got lucky the 4th time, when a decent guy registered my complaint and got it dis-connected......Also, another one i remember is that Hutch in 2007 had started a "trial" sim pack, where a customer could chose either prepaid or post-paid connection after 1month......After 1 month i got a call saying that you can activate post-paid plan or for pre-paid you will have to visit the store and fill the forms again......


Beam 24Hours
Simply apply for another operator using MNP.
The other day, airtel was refusing to change the ownership of my number. (They said it could be done only for blood relatives.)
I applied for MNP, and voild, ownership to that number was changed without any problem (of course by the new operator)
Even i did the same after they spoke strict Rules.