Possible to use the SIP/Voip from voice on FTTH with Freepbx or something similar?

Rajneesh Rana

I was thinking abut the voice setup with FTTH on BSNL.
They use SIP and voip connections on the ONT to setup voice.

Is it possible to make the connection from a server (freepbx or similar softphone for SIP account) and take the voice calling to be totally digital in LAN?

If anyone has any experience or suggestions on this that would be really helpful.

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Me too looking for the same info,
AFAIK there is an option in ONT to set the VOIP Connection to bridge mode which will enable us to dial it manually.
Also, the SIP settings can be found under Application tab-> VOIP.
But there is a catch, SIP registration IP address is in the range of 192.168.xxx.xxx which makes it impossible to connect to this IP inside the NATed LAN. If anyone has any idea please tell me.