Porting to Vodafone India without Aadhaar Biometric Authentication


Local outlet flatly refused. Said that company does not process forms these days. Only way is biometric authentication. Same options when told him about dad's fingerprints issue.
  1. Go to Aadhaar Center and get fingerprints updated. Or...
  2. Find another relative whose fingerprints would match.
Contacted Vodafone India on Twitter. Got a call. Lady was apologetic. Said that she would check with backend team if MNP is possible without Aadhaar and get back to me tomorrow. I am expecting a standardized refusal tomorrow. Would update.
so vodafone lady called back yesterday. i was sleeping so she had a chat with dad. she told him that she could get the mnp arranged without aadhaar at a company outlet. local stores would not process it. hopefully she would call again with details on which outlets she has informed to get my request processed.

anyhow. went with dad to the local vodafone mini store. as expected, fingerprint verification failed. guys at the store had no alternative model for processing MNP. so much win here.

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