Poor Sync Rates on Airtel V-Fiber Broadband 40mbps plan

Hi everyone,
I am on Airtel VDSL2 40mbps plan. The problem is that i am always getting a Max Attainable Down rate of not more than 31000-34000! Therefore actual download speed which i finally get is hardly 27-29mbps. I have a healthy Down SNR of around 10.7.

What to do?
I have already registered my complaint with Airtel. However i dont expect much from them as, few months ago i had contacted them regarding the same issue and they had said that nothing can be done from their end! In fact they even said that 27-29mbps is good enough and there is NO PROMISE of full 40mbps speeds! :confused:

Can some of you guys share your Max Attainable Down and Profile Download Link speeds from modem? Also approx. how many months since you switched to 40mbps plan?