Politics Made Simple, with cows!


Aug 27, 2004
POLITICS MADE SIMPLE____________________Do you have trouble understanding politics? If so, the followingprimer (thanks to the Manitoban - University of Manitoba) should clear itup for you. No bull.Socialism - You have two cows. Give one to your neighbour.Communism - You have two cows. Give both to the government.The government gives you milk.Capitalism - You sell one cow and buy a bull.Facism - You have two cows. Give milk to the government.The government sells it.Nazism - The government shoots you and takes the cows.New Dealism - The government shoots one cow, milks the other,and pours the milk down the sink.Anarchism - Keep the cows. Steal another one.Shoot the government.Conservatism - Freeze the milk. Embalm the cows.Liberalism - Give away one cow. Get the government togive you a new cow. Now give them both away.

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