Please suggest me the best router /Modem for BSNL FTTH

Hi after a mull over I decided to change my broadband to FTTH with Fibro Combo ULD 1045 CS9680 Mbps till 400 GB, then up to the 8Mbps1045 plan.As per the norms, BSNL will give the router with monthly rental basis.Kindly suggest me is it better to get a modem / Router from BSNL or I purchase the modem .if I need to buy the router can you suggest me the best one which may be useful to me for future purposes also ?? Thanks in advance.

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a. ONT Configuration-A Type Rs. 11999.99
b. ONT Configuration-B Type Rs.14500

what is this :confused:
i got a small device which i believe is the ont for free with my abs ftth connection :confused: