Please suggest an Android led TV for around 12000


And one non-smart TV by Blaupunkt on Flipkart - BLA33AH410. How does it seem?


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I don't think you would get any real Android LED LCD TVs in that price range. Just get a regular LED LCD TV and FireTV Stick/Chromecast . I would divide tv brands into premium and non-premium ones. Sony,Samsung,LG,Panasonic and likes in premium segment and Xiaomi, BPL and likes in non-premium segment. You get what you pay for. If you want absolute peace of mind buy the premium ones. Otherwise get the budget ones which would last max 2-3 years.


if i were to buy today, i would probably get the mi one. second choice would be Blaupunkt. in the end, it is a game of chance. while the warranty is active, you can keep on getting replacements. after that it is all on your luck. (same case with premium panels tbh).

(in any case, take a link from me when you decide :p unless of course, you are going to use a friend's)