Please Inform Me


Jan 20, 2007
Since I stay i Mumbai and am going to a bsnl zone. As i am going for a week and need to access internet, I have a facility of BSNL landline out there, can anyone tell me does bsnl has any 172xxxx number where u can connect to the internet instantly and the and the chrges are billed to your monthly phone bill. IS there any formality to be completed like registration? or is it instant.other question is abt sancharnet card, the cad amount is RS 250 for 50 hrs. do i have to pay for the pulse rate too even after i get this sanchar card? or is the card inclusive of all charges?


Jun 14, 2005
As per my knowledge, no registration thingy required for using 172XXX for dialing BSNL dialup. They will bill the ISP charge as 0.10 per minute with your landline bill. Of course the pulse charge is extra as per rules.Also in reply to your second question, i suppose it's excluded the pulse charge.