Planning to shift from Airtel to Alliance

Hi guys,
I have my own stock broking franchisee and i need a stable fast broadband.
I have an airtel broadband 1599 plan which costs 1799 with taxes and is something like 8MBPs for 30GB post that FUP.
They are going to hike charges further by 100 rs which will take it to 1899 for 30GB internet at 8MBPS and i believe it is very expensive as i don't really need 8 MBPS a 1.5-2 MBPS connection without FUP will be great for me only if its stable and shouldn't go down.. Airtel works all through the time never had a connection issue till date using it since 1 year.
I use TP LINK wifi router with airtel and connect my cell and lappy too along with my PC connected via DSL.
I would like to know whether shifting to ALLIANCE will be a good decision?
Which will be a good pack for me?


The Doctor
Perhaps switch to a cheaper Airtel plan for whenever your main internet goes down.


Agreed with others, should definitely keep Airtel lower plan as backup. Alliance totally depends on your LCO, if they provide good service then you are good. For me Alliance is great, goes down may be once in a month for 10-15mins. Plus speed and pings are great too ;)