Planning Holiday In Maldives - Need some pointers and clarification


Cuddalore, TN
Bsnl Evdo
This holiday tour is not for myself but helping a uncle of mine planning for 5 days tour there from reading here and there , i have come to know the maldives is nothing but bunch of islands with water sports , beaches and water activities as prime attraction , nothing worth sight seeing i have contacted a travel agent to go ahead he is recommending to and fro air travel but i asked for one way sea travel from cochin but he isnt doing that , so have been searching for a way to book tickets for the ferry/ship service havent found a solid link in past 2 days all links and contacts leads to agents doing lakshadweep cruise/ sea travel if anyone from has come details or contact throw some light please any recommendation about resorts , Island to stay , activities not to miss etc Planning it for the coming summer holidays - March april