PFConfig Port Forwarding for Dlink GLB-502T

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In that port forwarding site they have a software called PFConfig which can be used to forward ports automatically. When I first started it, it asks for the manufacturer and model of the modem which I have from the given list. Now I have D-Link ADSL 2 + router GLB-502T modem. But in the model list under Dlink manufacturer there is no GLB-502T. The only closest entries in the model list are..DSL-502T V3.02B01T01.AU-A.20071102DSL-G502T V2.00B07.AU_20060904DSL-G502T V3.00B02.NZ.200607.10Which one should I choose or does this software doesn't support Dlink GLB-502T. Asking this because in the software screen under the manufacturer and model lists is a warning: Do not be tempted to pick a similar name from the list above. If you cannot find your exact model number, then you must request support for your router. Selecting the wrong router above can cause your router to temporarily not function.