Paying Toll Using Paytm


I was out of town yesterday and had a chance to cross a toll plaza that was accepting paytm. Here is how it worked...

There was no sticker pasted on the outside which was a shame. The guy picked up the qr code banner and showed me. I tried my best to keep the phone stable to read it. It did not work. I took the qr code banner from the guy and read it myself. Then I entered the fee. And paid it.

Handed the banner back to the guy. He then asked me to give him last 5 (or 6?) digits of transaction code. I had no idea where the code was. Took me a while to realize that I had to press the button at top right of payment screen to get the number. Instead of reciting the number, I just handed the phone to the guy to enter the number in his system.

He entered the number in the system and receipt was printed out. Which he handed it to me. Easily took more than a minute. There were many cars by that time at my back which were getting annoyed and started honking. Dad was also not amused. And asked me to pay cash on the way back.

If every car on the highway paid using Paytm as the government is seeking... I can easily see loss of millions of manhours on a daily basis. The toll guy looked annoyed but he did ask me to pay using cash instead so that was nice.