Pathetic Service by Alliance

Ok , so here it goes .
Im using Alliance since 2008 ... Since 2008-2010 i lived in Naktala area near Tollygunge and during that time i used the zoom plus package .
The service was really good back then. Anyway that is history now . And like all good things comes to an end , the momment i shifted from my Naktala residence to my Usha Gate residence all good things did come to an end.
In usha gate area , the speed wasn't that good at first but it was ok . As the years rolled by things got worse .
This year (Feb 2014 - Mar 2014) the normal upload/download speed i got is the crappiest .
Too much of fluctuation in speed . Most of the time my downloads failed bcoz of heavy fluctuations .
According to zoom plus package i should be getting 48 kbps - 55 kbps download speed , but the speed dropped to 30kbps -17kbps after every few seconds and so the downloads failed ;(
Please note my friends , there was no ping loss .
Even my anti-virus updates failed due to heavy fluctuations.
I reported this issue to the customer care and they couldn't figure out the source of this problem .
They checked my Pc via remote support , came to my house with their lappy but nothing . No solution to this problem.
After this , i decided to upgrade to Premium package which offers -
1MB Bandwidth = 128kbps normal download speed.
6MB Bandwidth (1am - 9pm) = 753kbps normal download speed.
But instead of getting such promised speed , all im getting is 50kbps to 80kbps . not even close to 100kbps . And the same im getting in happy hours (1am - 9pm)
I complained more than a dozen times but no luck ;(
Any of you guys facing such fluctuation problems ?
Any good Photon plans that you can recommend. Does photon offers the promised speed.
Im a heavy uploader downloader . Each month the minimum i would download/upload is 40GB of data. Thanks.


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i think its your lco problem, they are using faulty media converter that's why the device can't take load. check your ping with load command.
for example if your dns is type the following in run >> ping -l 32000 -t and see how many rto you get

ummm .. im not much network literate and so i didn't understood what you meant by Ico or Rto .
But i did what you said . . . Like my dns address is . . . So in my ping i wrote ping -l 32000 -t
and i got no ping loss but the time showing is 9ms to 8ms .