Patanjali & Baba Ramdev


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A special campus will be set up, most probably in Haridwar, and over 20,000 youngsters recruited. In a special address on his religious Aastha channel, Ramdev said the idea was to create a domestic team of private guards who will handle security assignments at some of India’s biggest installations and homes.

“They will be called Parakrami (which translates into the fearless) and be supremely fit by doing yoga and eating healthy food. There’s no point in body building, even buffaloes have huge figures but it does not work for them, we need people with clear cut thoughts,” the yoga guru told the first batch of recruits.

During the address, Ramdev said how the young recruits should breathe correctly, eat herbs and knot themselves into impossible yoga postures, especially the difficult Surya Namaskar, to shape themselves up to challenges of the jobs as security officers.
he is taking unemployable youth and turning them into private army. you cannot make this shit up
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