Patanjali & Baba Ramdev


So, a local shop is running a special offer. Buy 'Indian Made Stuff' for above Rs. 1000 and you get some products from this company free. Mom told me that this brand is owned by Ramdev. The brochures of the brand in the shop claimed that they are an Indian brand which sell products at zero profits to benefit the people of India. And some propaganda was there to promote buying Indian made items alone and whatever.

Not sure I like the propaganda part.


Prices are quite reasonable (though these two products were free with the shopping I did at that shop today).
I just do not like the propaganda about buy Indian.


When people say Ramdev is a guru I laugh my ass out.
IMO he is a really great businessman and I admire him for being one


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Yoga show of his has many fans amongst 50+ aged people. My uncle used to make me wake up at 5 in the morning everyday to practice yoga from Ramdev's show. Had to put up with if for 1 whole year.


lol. i do not mind the yoga. i am just against propaganda. akshardham mandir in delhi is a nice place to visit. as long as you do not fall for the entire propaganda behind all the showbiz.


mom is using them has to go every week to get them and they go out of stock super fast. They should just start online store or something much easier than to waste petrol too as god only knows whether they even work or not.
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