Panasonic 32 inch—big discount --what’s the catch?

I’d like to buy this TV:

Panasonic 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV TH-32F250DX (Black) (2018 model) - Thin Bezel, Bluetooth


the M.R.P was 28,900.00

Deal Price: 16,490.00

You Save: 12,410.00 (43%)

is this safe to buy? A friend once bought a Videocon Tv for a big discount and the TV blew up. Usually when there is such a huge discount I suspect its because they made it with inferior parts.

Is it even safe to buy any TV online? Some reviews warn you should never buy any big electronics item online because they send you faulty models and then customer service tries to evade the issue. EVEN THE BEST BRANDS have this problem.

This Tv has Bluetooth Media: The Bluetooth speakers and headphones connectivity allows you to enjoy your favorite programs at your leisure. So go ahead and marathon on your favorite series or football match without disturbing your loved ones.


I have seen no other deal that offers this. Is there any disadvantage to having bluetooth in a tv? Will it interfere with any other function of the TV?

And what about energy rating? How do we know how much power each tv consumes? Will this model consume a lot?

Thanks a lot for any feedback.
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Sanyo a brand owned by Panasonic is available at 17k, full HD, 42inches. One has to proabably see and compare if there is difference in quality compared to LG


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It says "HD Ready" means it is not FUll HD hence the heavy discount I'm guessing. The screen will be 720p only. THey want to clear the stocks of old left over units.

thanks, Anant and Vishal. I spent a long time searching for full HD but I don't want anything larger than 32 inches since that will consume more power. But there is only one smaller HD and that is this:

at 22 inches its a bit small but then so is my current Crt Tv. And its only Rs 10,000.

but there are only 4 reviews and I worry it may not be a good product. If you had to choose between this and the original one I posted, which would you choose and why?

I only use the TV to watch tv programs on Tata sky. I won't connect the Tv to anything else, so do I really need HD?

I worry about speakers. I don't want to buy external speakers and connect the TV to that. So I need a Tv with good sound quality. i’ve never had an LCD Tv, so I don't know whether the sound and pic quality degrades a lot with time.

Apart from these two, is tehre any other full HD Tv I canbuy for a reasonable price? I didn't find any other. Sony has some but Sony is expensive.


Get a 32 inch only then it's worth it and full HD, look in sanyo, look on geekyranjit for some cheap tv reviews of good brands.
Use Amazon filters for 32inch and and 4 star plus reviews.


Not just Internet.
Full HD is worthless for screen below 39"
Similarly UHD is not worth for screen size below 50"
You'll hardly notice the diff. This is for 95% of people.

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