Ortel Communications Limited: Rs. 99 per month broadband plan. 500MB per day at 2mbps.


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Ortel launches new broadband plans starting Rs 99 | Odisha Television Limited

According sources, Ortel has unveiled a range of new broadband data plans starting from as low as Rs 99 which provides customers 500 MB data per day and with speed up to 2 Mbps. Once customers exhaust their prescribed data, they can continue browsing at post FUP speed.

The company has unveiled a Rs. 129 per month plan where customers can enjoy 1 GB data daily and Rs.349 plan where subscribers can use 1 GB data per day for 3 months at 2 Mbps speed. The company aims to cater to the needs of first-time users, social networking users and the price sensitive segment through these plans. With the proliferation of smartphones and other newer internet solutions, consumers with these plans will get have the liberty to use the same devices to connect to Ortel Home Wi-Fi at cheaper prices. The company expects that with sub-Rs100 plan will help it penetrate the market.