OpenDNS is not reliable these days

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Hello Everybody
I was a long time user of OpenDNS and i can term my self even as an evangelist of OpenDNS.
I have recently switched to Spectranet Broadband and used their native DNS service for their login page to function.
But, on and off i was using BSNL Broadband and OpenDNS and found it to became very much unreliable these days.
But OpenDNS Status page may always boast it as always UP.
There is no way to report problems easily and nobody would be going to work on unmonitored regions.
People can blame BSNL or Spectranet Broadband connection in my end for the unreliability of OpenDNS.
But i won't accept that reason, as i found Google DNS to be always working whenever i try it.
People can also appreciate Google DNS and suggest me to use that.
I am not using Google DNS only for one reason, Privacy.
We already use many Google services and am not interested to fall prey in DNS too.
DNS is one of the important point of access to phone home or track users.
I am now using Symantec Norton DNS service and is working well so far.


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Airtel / BSNL
You're blaming OpenDNS for what? Not working?
How did you know that its OpenDNS which is at fault, on what basis did you end up coming to this conclusion, may I ask?
I'm a former OpenDNS user and I currently use Google DNS. I'm not worried about my privacy at the moment as DNS can't dig into our lives as much as a logged in Google user searching for something.
With that said, you're comparing two services which are highly likely to be far away from each other when compared with your location. Google has placed a lot of servers in India and you're likely hitting one of them. However, I don't think OpenDNS has any servers in India yet; Heck, I think they used to serve from NL or UK back then, with Singapore as a new node now I think.
Edit: You might as well be hitting the Singapore node.

If I was in your position, I'd put the blame on BSNL though - of course after verifying it because I've had a hard time with high latencies in BSNL and it was one of the primary reasons why even OpenDNS failed to work for me.
But again, the reason here could be different :tongue: