Online Passport System : Another scam in waiting, worse than older system

The online passport system was started on around october 2010 with trial basis at Bangalore and Chandigarh and now implemented in almost all locations.

Initially it was good and I myself was the beneficiary of this.

You just need to apply everything online, set an appointment, take the documents and go in person to the centre where in TCS employees take care of the process. Nice and easy compared to the previous system.

For the past 2 months, I am trying to apply for a new passport for my sister and still unable to do that.

Applied application online but the appointments never work.

Normal mode: The appointments are available for 45 days (just like 3 months in IRCTC). It is never available.

Tatkal Mode: Opened everyday from 8 am. Just like IRCTC, it is never available, no matter how many times you try.

For the past 2 months I have been unable to get an appointment

Is there a new scam where in the agents are using it? I cant understand how can it not work?


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but people say the new system is a breeze...apart from police verifi~ ofcourse.btw the appointment system shows the date online, and one can choose it, what happened in your case??


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right. i helped an uncle with his application process. he told me about how you have to apply for appointment online. he said system accepts new appointments after 6pm (or am?). i had a similar thought. this is just like the railway ticket booking. why cannot you apply for an appointment at any given time and get a damn appointment? even if it is scheduled for 10 days later? let it show you the first available time slot. if it fits you, you accept it otherwise you ask it to show you another time slot. and so on?