Not able to get BSNL Air Fiber connection in my villege

Hello All,

I have been trying to get a BSNL Air Fiber connection since last 10 days and BSNL officials here in my district are simply not interested in giving me a new connection. I initiated the entire process by registering on the BSNL portal BHARAT FIBRE, after the registration got few messages from BSNL where in they shared the reference number for my request and also shared the contact details of the local BSNL official.

When I reached out to this officer and informed him that I wanted to get a new Air Fiber connection, he asked few questions about my location
(I reside in a rural area which is just 10 KMs away from the BSNL Exchange) upon knowing about my location, this officer simply stated that the Air Fiber works well in the 5KM range and simply doesn't work beyond that. Since I already did my homework, I told him that according to my knowledge the range for Air Fiber is 20KMs and since my village is situated in plains I don't see an issue with the range here, still that officer was hell bent on his belief and simply asked me to look for other options. He did suggested to go for a BBNL connection and shared a contact detail with me for the same.

I tried reaching to the BBNL guy but he also wasn't sure about the presence of fiber cable in my area hence things didn't proceed from there.

I tried contacting BSNL on their customer care number and their Twitter handle, but BSNL being BSNL didn't provide any help to me.

I tried searching for the contact details of higher ups in BSNL in my area but this information simply doesn't exist anywhere on the internet.

Hence I am wondering about my next options here, should I simply give up on the idea of this Air Fiber connection or is there any way I can escalate this matter and get this connection done?
Reliance Jio
I have been through exactly the same thing. Though in my case, there is BBNL Fibre in my village. I was even able to get in touch with local BBNL guy once. But he was also not very eager to install a connection for me. Probably he did not want to increase his work burden unnecessarily.

I have even escalated the issue to the Ministry of IT, GOI. I am waiting for a response....