Non Working of Sun Direct Set of Box installed in April 2011



I have been facing severe problems with my SunDirect DTH connection ever since the connection was taken.

I quote below couple of emails on the above subject:




In a hurry due to visit of my Grandson, I had to subscribe to Sun Direct DTH with Smart Card Reference 41464297039. Set Box supplied to me with Number F10490959703. However, within a month of Installation problems with the connection did come up initially with the Set Box and had contacted your Mr.Vijay on Mobile No.9566022553 who advised me to contactDheena on Mobile No.979321473 Unfortunately Mr. Deena also could not rectify the problem who then directed me to Mr. Bala on Mobile No.8056212142 and ultimately told me that one Mr. Kirba would be visiting our home to take back the Set of Box. Very next day Mr. Kirba visited our home and demanded Rs.250.00 being service charges which was paid by me alongwith the Set of Box. After two days, we had received the set of box which was duly installed by Mr.Kirba and was working normal Reference: Our Complaint Number 102123734. The problems did crop us subsequently and we did try to reach Mr. Kirba over the mobile who advised us to follow certain procedures which we did, however, i was working very well. After two days, the same problem did crop up and we have been trying to use all the contacts as above, however, no response.

I must say finally that I am fed up with SUN DTH and now feel that why should I subscribe to this bloody DTH when others are offering good services. I feel that you work with an intention of making or squeezing money from valuable clients and once connections are given, you forget the clients. Dear Customer Service, you should realise that it is we who pay your salary for the services and not the COMPANY. If we are not there then there is no SUN DTH.

Finally, will there be any permanent solution you could offer so that the problem are not repeated again and again. I do not know whether with these information I could go to a consumer court with my grievances. I need to check with my lawyer brother and if he feels that first let me bring all these facts to your attention for rectification and only if I do no hear from you to this effect, then future course of action can be applied.

Awaiting your favourable action,

Yous sincerely,

K. Venkitarama Iyer
1/473 Kamakshinagar 1st Street
Chennai 600 056
email: [email protected]

Reply received to my email:

Dear Nodal Officer

I must thank you for the speedy action on my complaint. Your reprsentative had called us seeking an appointment this evening after 1630 hours at our home to check on the
problems being faced by us. They also had explained that a sum of Rs.150.00 had to be
paid for the problems to be sorted out.

As explained to you in my mail, we already have shelled out Rs.250.00 to Mr. Deena (Mobile No.979321473) when he took the equipment for servicing last time though it
was under warranty........Now again a payment of Rs.150.00 as demanded makes me really to think whether even after spending this amount the system will work or not. I do not mind in paying this amount to your service personnel had they carried out their job
perfectly. Please confirm whether we need to pay this amount to them when they call on us.

Awaiting your reply.


K. Venkitarama Iyer


Dear Nodal Officer
Sun DTH, Chennai

Yesterday my son had called me to say that one Mr. David would be visiting our Home obviously from your Distributor ZIG ZAG DTH Solutions, Ashoknagar, Chennai MobileNo.9962001366 to look into the problems being faced by us since installation of the Sub Dish DTH at our premises however demanding Rs.150/- being service charges which was obviously paid by my wife at home after requesting a receipt. She was told that the
problem was due to a misconnection within the equipment which he said it has been rectified and left home leaving a message with my wife that everything would be ready in the next half-an-hour. However, even after two hours, once I reached home, we were unable to get connected and had to contact Mr. David on his Mobile who said to contact another number at 044 24749966 which was not at all responding. Immediately we trued to reach Mr. David who ssaid to us that it must be due to closure of the office and asked us to wait until the next day (that is today 28.03.2012) in the morning to sort out the problem. However, I do not know the current position. Until I left home for office at 0900 a.m. no one did turn up to look into the problem.

I sincerely hope that even after accepting Rs.150.00 being service charge the DTH would be ready for view soon.

I would be thankful if you would kindly look into issue very seriously and confirm action taken.


K. Venkitarama Iyer
1/473 Kamakshinagar 1st Street
Iyyappanthangal Chennai 600056
Mobile: 9566168162