Nokia Siemens 1600 wifi modem set up for MTNL triband - need help


MTNL broadband, MTNL 3G
I bought a secondhand wifi adsl modem from a BSNL user. The modem is Nokia Siemens 1600 wifi.
I tried to setup and put all the details. This got connected and torrents and FDM is working fine. I could not able to open up any wen page - tried almost all browser. Finally I input the open DNS in my desktop and web pages starts opening.

However, my mobile and other hand held devices are not accesing the data on wifi. I yet to check my laptop over the wifi.

This modem has BSNL firmware and seems DNS are hard coded. Please help resolving the issue :

[*]Mobile (LG Optimus P500) and other hand held (tabs/kindle etc) are not working over wifi.
[*]How to access web pages without inserting open DNS. My official laptop require admin right to edit the DNS and hence can not access Vpin.
[*]Is there factory firmware available for this?
[/list]Please help. I know I made mistake buying this but now try to get something out of this.

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