No REAL data usage tracking on Spectra for rollover data and real data balance

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Curious Onlooker
Airtel Turbo 1299 - 512k day/1 meg night unltd
Thought I would make users aware of this problem before picking Spectra. So they say they have the concept of data rollover in my plan but there is no way for you to see that in a dashboard or a site. All you see is how much you consumed each month and what is your usage (as per your plan) in the current month - there is no summarized view of your "real" balance as per your data rollover.

In fact, I know I did not use the full data in the previous month and I reached the plan limit in the current month and they reduced my speed. Which clearly means that they don't have a rollover policy or the tech to track this. So please don't fall for it - the salesman will say there is data rollover in your plan but you will not get to see it anywhere and it's not implemented in their systems either.

Customer service is another gem: I asked them to send this detailed info for last 3 months - Plan start data, used, remaining, and therefore starting point for calculation of new cycle (plan + rollover), used... and so on. Their CC replied in 5 mins saying they don't track historical data. To which I asked "how do you calculate rollover and net balance?" - Again hilarious reply word for word below from Spectra CC:
"With reference to your mail, the data is automatically carry forward to the next billing cycle from server end, we apologize for not sharing you about the past data carry forward details. "

I told them as ISP consumers, we have a basic right to know this in case of data rollover, like they have to provide a bank account statement if they were a bank. I told them if they don't provide this detail, then I will disconnect immediately. No reply for full day.

Anyway - buyer beware!

Does anyone know if ACT Fibernet provides detail this as I am thinking of moving to ACT in my area. I know Airtel does.