No idea Sirjee - a small story of me, my driver and mobile services

“Hello, hello, blast this network “ I said fuming as my call with one of my important clients in the U.K. had just been disconnected. “No network coverage” was the message faithfully displayed on my mobile screen, right in the middle of India's National Capital, when I re-dialed. I calmed myself and decided to wait for some time before trying again. This time, a voice informed me that due to network congestion, I should try dialing again after some time.

“It's just one of those days,” I thought, reclining in the back seat, aware that Khandu was watching me, from the rear view mirror. Khandu (my driver) had this irritating habit of tilting the rear view mirror in a manner he could view my facial expressions. I could never understand this fetish of his. He took delight, I suppose, watching me get uncomfortable.

Suddenly, my mobile rang .I answered it hoping that my client was calling back. “Sir, I am calling from xyz bank, we have a brilliant scheme to make you a millionaire, are you interested?”, said the monotonous voice of a lady. “No thank you madam”, I fumed, trying to suppress all the anger and frustration. “Sir, would you like to provide us someone else's mobile number who you think may be interested in becoming a millionaire?” the lady persisted. “No madam, I am sorry, but all the people I know are already millionaires” I said, rudely ending the call.

By now I thought I saw a smirk on Khandu's face. He was really having a field day. But I was glad that at least the network coverage appeared to have been restored since I was getting incoming calls. To my dismay however, on dialing, I continued to get the “No network coverage”, message. I had had enough.

“First thing on reaching office, remind me to change my service provider,” I said out aloud. “These guys bill me huge amounts and I don't get the network when I most need it,” I fumed.

“What do they have these days? That mobile number portability thing, There are so many network providers. Remind me to change the network service provider of all our staff, including yours”, I said, with the authoritarian tone and satisfaction of having resolved the issue.
Khandu continued to smirk. He did not seem impressed. “What is it now Khandu ji?”, I asked , expecting the usual pearls of wisdom.

“That will not work sir”, Khandu obliged, “ whether it is Air-Hell or Soda Phone, Diarrhea Cellular or H.E.L.L., Vice mobile or Strange, Urchin mobile or Batata Momo, its all the same, where will you go?”. This time Khandu had landed me a tough one.

“Well, what is your solution?
“I have a strategy”, Khandu replied,” 1 go for low priced prepaid SIM cards. That way, your number has less chance of being “accidentally” given to the telemarketers. I have multiple prepaid SIM cards from several network providers. This allows me to switch networks, whenever there is an issue with network coverage. When I start getting excessive unsolicited calls, I stop using that SIM card.

My low priced mobile phone has a 3 SIM card facility to access multiple networks. Unlike your “smart phone” which saddles you with heavy bills, unsolicited calls and useless SMSes, my phone is functional and nuissance free.” Khandu was, indeed, smart, I thought.

On reaching office, Khandu's mobile rang. “No madam, I don't want to become a millionaire,” he said disconnecting the phone. It rang again. “No madam, please don't call me”, said Khandu disconnecting the phone, when it rang again. “Madam, I will call you if I need a loan” and hung up again.
This time, the smirk was on my face.

“How dare she call you again and again? “ I asked.

“It's not her fault sir,” said Khandu.” I told you I have 3 SIM cards in my mobile. She was calling all 3 numbers without knowing that they all belonged to me.”

“So, Khandu, now, what do you think is the solution to this problem?” I asked grinning from ear to ear.

“No idea, sirjee”, replied Khandu, crestfallen. ·

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