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If you want healthcare, then buy insurance. If you don't have money to buy insurance, then die.

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Private & Govt insurance companies refuse to sell insurance if you have preexisting condition. Many of my family & friends got rejected and ineligible for insurance.


from my understanding you can get mediclaim but no cover for pre-existing conditions for 3-4 years.

a neighbor of mine in his 60s got mediclaim just this year from a government bank. 5L cover for just around Rs. 7000. i pay around the same for my mediclaim from a private company and I am half his age.
My Brother has Heart Disease. And he needs insurance for his present treatment as well as potential future treatment. Worst case scenario is surgery which is very expensive. Obviously my priority is to get insurance so as to cover heart disease. But no insurance company is willing to provide. And they also refused to provide for insurance for any complication or disease which can result from preexisting disease.

I have gone through details of many insurance products. They come with impractical riders, conditions and red tapes. Most people buy these insurance products only to find out later that they're not eligible for so & so treatment.

Most of the Developed world has Public healthcare. A country like US which has private healthcare has good regulations. In US, No insurance company can refuse you even if you have any pre existing condition. On top of that, US Govt gives subsidy on many insurance schemes to low income people. Healthcare is free in America for people below poverty line.


I had no idea healthcare was so nice in USA. Because from what I read around the web, USA is quite fucked up when it comes to public healthcare and this is a good reason why medical tourism has become such a major industry here in India.


personally i am still happy with indian system. i can visit a doctor and get personal attention for as little as rs. 200. and then i can go to a chemist and get medicine for less than rs. 500. i can get a root canal for less than rs. 5000. sure things go pretty horrible if you need to get a minor surgery done. but for small time issues, indian system is pretty cool.
Medicine prices are regulated in India. That's why we can still buy cheap medicines. Its a good thing. But problem is per capita income in India is abysmally low. Majority of Indians earn less than 100 Rs/day. Poverty line in India is 50Rs/Day i think which shows how bad the situation is in India.

Also, 200 Rs Doc visit & 500 Rs Medicine is fine under usual circumstances. like if you have fever or infection. But in case of chronic illness or life threatening disease, healthcare can be very expensive.

My Mother had 1 Lakh Rupee treatment for Arthritis is just 1 year. Cost of 1 injection ranged from 5000 Rs - 18000 Rs. Fortunately she's a Govt servant & gets reimbursement.

Similarly Heart disease is very costly. Treatment can easily get in Lakhs of Rupees. That's why most insurance companies dodge customers with heart conditions.


It's worth it to get a central government job just to get covered by Central Government Health Scheme. My dad was a state government employee and he does not appear to have any similar coverage. His private mediclaim cover is pretty bad even though it's quite old. I guess 5L was a tidy sum when he got the policy. Today it's nothing.

Reminds me, I should get something larger for myself. I currently have a cover of 5L as well. It is barely enough for today. God knows how expensive things would be 10-20 years from now.
Its not easy to get into Govt job, now days. The vacancies are very limited while competition is getting tougher & tougher.

On top of that govt isn't creating new vacancies. So 10000 people trying to get 500 Jobs is a tough task.

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