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Never mind. I thought the review was fake because the user had only 1 post :p

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I got Nextra connection a week back( 10 mbps 25gb 999) and i am satisfied with the connection. No downtime yet and speeds are consistent and during peak times it does not go below 5.5 mbps. In all at this price point nextra is doing great job .:)

ps: i had mtnl 2 mpbs connection earlier


I switched to Airtel after using Nextra for a year in New Delhi. Lately the connection started dropping, frequent internet disconnections and pings to Dota server were always close to 200. Yet to receive the Security Deposit.


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Just got Nextra Broadband FiberBolt 10Mbps Location New Delhi Dwarka.
Connection type EoC Slave Cable Modem(Binatone BES460) RG6 wiring.
No option to change LAN IP all controlled via nextra..



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Just got Nextra Broadband FiberBolt 10Mbps Location New Delhi Dwarka.
Connection type EoC Slave Cable Modem(Binatone BES460) RG6 wiring.
No option to change LAN IP all controlled via nextra..

In Dwarka how is the network performing.Any downtime? Is customer service responding if issues are there in network


I was a Nextra customer since early 2016 at Sector 12, Noida and was relatively satisfied with the connection. Just recently, I moved to Jaypee Kosmos and noticed that the services would be available at the location and called on the provided number +917042296487. An executive, Neeraj Prakash showed up on 21st May, 2017 and to my surprise insisted that I cancel the existing connection and get a new one saying that this was the only way and the company would charge a huge amount to shift an existing connection.

He forced me to pay 1 month's tariff to initiate the new application (Rs.919) and handed over a Nextra receipt (picture attached) assuring me that no other charges were necessary. The CRF No. on the receipt is RA041602. At no point did he mention that:

- A new router is required to be purchased.
- A router is offered complimentary if the payment was made for 3 months upfront.

Ever since, most of my phonecalls have been unanswered or simply disconnected, let alone any progress on the connection. When I enquire at the Nextra customer care, the CRF No. doesn't match. This man has been holding my money since almost two weeks without even initiating the application and has been absconding without providing any updates.

During this time, he's used other Nextra executive's numbers to sidestep any accountability. They are:

- Saurabh - +917042895942
When I called him, he confirmed that Neeraj uses his phone but refused to take any responsibility, or help. When I said I was left with no option but to write to Amitabh Choudhury's email, a contact earlier provided by Neeraj, he said 'Jaao kardo. Voh koi nahin hai' and disconnected.

- Jitendra - +917042296481
Every time I call him, this guy insists that Neeraj is not around and I should talk to him directly, but unlike Saurabh, he was not rude or disrespectful.

Against my repeated calls, I only got a complaint number 20737919007 which was automatically put into the resolved category by Nextra without a resolution. A new number 20737919008 was generated without any action so far.

During this time I also got calls from their Gurgaon customer care 01246253516, the first on last Friday from a lady executive, Amita, assuring me that she was able to speak to Neeraj and the connection would be installed on Friday before 4 pm or Saturday before 12 noon without any additional charges. Again, no action from him on this. The second call was from Bhanu, on Saturday on the same matter. Neeraj finally called on Saturday (2 weeks after collecting the deposit) and made excuses, saying he didn't tell me about the router options because the company was offering very poor quality routers and duping customers and that I buy one for myself, a suggestion I refused. He insisted the connection is being processed and he would connect with me in half an hour which he never did and has been untraceable since, not answering any calls or messages.

I have requested each of their customer care executives as well as the fraudulent field executives to cancel all my connections and refund my deposit but to no avail. Such lack of work ethic is unheard-of and such behavior is downright pathetic. The company should instead employ these executives to pick pockets in railway stations and bus stops. That is all they are good for!

I urge all to be extremely careful in dealing with these field executives and ensure that their services are in order before making any payment to them.


Anyone using it in Raj Nagar extension area, ghaziabad? How is the service? Downtimes? consistent Speed? Torrent speeds/throttlng?

There NCR plans are:
50mbps unlimited* - 799 +GST
75mbps unlimited* - 999 +GST
100mbps unlimited* - 1199 +GST

* seem to have a FUP of 900GB mentioned on their site. "Nextra has defined FUP across all Plans. Hence, this policy gives all customers the opportunity to experience the network in the same way. Data usage above 900 GB shall be considered for commercial purposes "

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