today i found out how to pay challan in gurgaon.
first you stand in line with 100s of other people.
after around 2 hours, you get your turn.
to watch a 1.5 hour long movie on traffic rules.
after that... you are required to pay 50 rupees for the movie.
here is the thing. cash is not accepted. only debit or credit cards.
if you do not have a card... find someone with a card and repeat.
if you have a card... pay 50 rupees. get a parchee.
now go to another window where the actual challan is processed.
stand in line with 50 or so other people.
wait for your turn.
pay your challan. using a card. no cash accepted.
if your license/rc was taken at the time of challan... may god bless you with the good fortune so that the people in charge can locate it. because if they can't... you are fucked.


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^ thank fully you can pay challan thru online or thru app incase of hyderabad traffic police. once they caught me signal jumping ..even though signal was not working and made me watch that movie. It was just 10 mins though, not 1.5 hour. wtf