Hi All,
I had tried the above method with both my tp-link mr3420 and netgear router, but didn't work.
is there any way to setup wifi on ftth?
To all, my wifi router configuration is working fine now. Very simple mistake.
Instead of connecting FTTH modem Ethernet1 connection to my WiFi Router LAN1, I had connected to WAN port.
So, please make sure that you connect Ethernet1 of FTTH modem to LAN1 of your WiFi router.
Thats Not true. I am using Dlink and successfully connected to FTTH as my Wifi Router . For your reference and clarification i have made a video for the same . Please go through it if you need any help in configuring DLink router . No manual intervention needed at all

You Tube Video Link :

The method suggested earlier does certainly work. I am using BSNL FTTH since two years. Earlier I had DSL connection with my Linksys modem. After getting FTTH I used the same modem. First make sure that DHCP is enabled in Fibre modem. Then connect the Internet Port from Fibre Modem to your ADSL Router with RJ45 cable to 1st LAN port of your ADSL modem. Make sure you disable DHCP on your ADSL modem. ( In short just make sure that you use it as a router)

I am also attaching the screenshots of my Linksys modem.

Moreover I also have setup a WDS system that a Cheap TP-Link router offers to extend WiFi range. So after setting WDS between my Linksys and TP-Link Router I just have to connect the TP-Link router to power & it starts distributing original WiFi connection. Just like a repeater.
The method below did it work ?
I have configured my Dlink Wifi router with FTTH fibre modem by myself . I have made a video for it thinking may be it will help others . Please check the video link below. Share your comments / Likes / Dislikes so that i can make more and better videos next time

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topazonic , Thanks for sharing the details for linksys which will defenitly help whoever using that . Actually my comment " That was not true" was not related to your comments . Again i picked the wrong thread .
Hi Rajesh Thanks for you video. I recently upgraded my BB to FTTH BSNL . I was using ASUS DSL-AC68U ADSL/VDSL Modem Router. I've connected ethernet port-1 from BSNL modem to ethernet-1 of Asus modem router and disable DHCP of Asus. Now my iphone and Asus Notebook connect to the wifi network and I browse internet. But internet is not connected to my other Sony Notebook. Is there anything wrong in the settings of Asus or in my Sony notebook. Please give any suggestions.
hi all, i have also migrated from bsnl BB to FTTH recently. I was using TP-LINK TD-W8961N ADSL Modem Router earlier as ADSL modem. Is there a was i can use device as my wi-fi router for my FTTH connection? please help