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Bonded ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines) is a broadband solution that can take as many as five separate telephone lines and bond them into one line to access the Internet. This is totally different than load balancing, which routes different types of traffic over several different telephone lines.
When ADSL was first introduced to the public the key way it was described was as a service for consumers. Small and medium businesses soon discovered this was an inexpensive way of connecting to the Internet without the option of an expensive diginet line or the slowness of dial up. Providing a solution for the gap left between diginet options or load balanced connections was what bonded ADSL accomplished.
When ADSL first became known, it was only capable of getting the user so far. The bandwidth speeds were limited and the upload speeds compared to download speeds were very poor quality. The account sizes were limited and there was no guarantee that service would be available. Once the load balancing had reached the end of its capabilities, businesses either had to buy leased lines or diginet, both of which were expensive.
Bonded ADSL literally makes individual phone lines into one large pipe so if five lines are bonded with 4Mbps up and 512Kbps down, you have 20Mbps down and 2Mbps up. By bonding 5 or 6 high speed lines' bandwidth together the data that is processed is that many times what it would be on one line. The cost of two or even more of bonded ADSL can be purchased for the same cost as one diginet line.
If you are wondering if this is the solution for broadband Internet connections for your business, consider this:
If your business is uses the Internet mainly to download mail, documents, images, updates and for surfing the web, you are mainly interested in the download speed connection. On the other hand, if a remote access provision is needed for employees, suppliers or customers or if you are going to be hosting an application that will be retrieved externally, the upload speed is going to play an important part in the connection.
What do you do if this is an important part of your business? The use of ADSL bonding will allow you the better upload speed. To figure this on your own and find out what your upload and download speeds will be, multiply the maximum speed for each line by the number of ADSL lines you will be bonding together. Many businesses start out with two ADSL lines and add to them as the need for speed increases.
When achieving a speed such as the one you get with ADSL bonding, your IT systems will be subject to many new applications. Providing Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections between branches of a business and the head office will provide information the branch may need. Another benefit is providing sales staff that travels as part of their job the access needed to perform their job.
What is Bonded ADSL and How Can I Use It?

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