New BSNL Broadband plans from December 2018 with daily fair usage data limits


tbh, if you have cut the cord and switched to online streaming for tv viewing, it is best to find a local operator who offers high speed unlimited connection at reasonable prices. bsnl is just not suitable for this kind of usage.
Looks like they have updated the ULD 499 plan as well. I went to BSNL's portal and this is what I saw under "Service Name": Image. So looks like it's 3 GB per day @ 8 Mbps and then 1 Mbps beyond. I don't know if the price has hiked or not, BSNL's broadband plan page has not been updated with the latest plans.

I hate these daily limits because the broadband is used for bulk downloading, torrenting etc and its not like the mobile where you get daily limits and people are happy with that. It seems BSNL is trying to copy Jio without realising that the question is entirely different for them.

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but there is the catch here - you see, there is not a single plan above 499 which provides you monthly limit.
All the monthly limits plans are either promotional or lower budget plans :
1. Promotional plans (which means these plans are applicable for new customers or customers with only landline connection - no broadband)

2. Normal Unlimited plans for regular customers

here, if you go over 499 package they are forcing the daily cap on us.

I will give it a 3 month try and then will switch to some other Internet Providers if BSNL doesn't bring back the monthly limit.

These kind of tactics shouldn't be encouraged at all.

It may sound nice when they are providing (28*5GB = 140 GB high speed data) for 675 plan but we never end up getting all the data as they capped it daily (the data is getting wasted) i.e. we are paying more than the data we are actually using.(high speed data we used + the high speed data we have not used)

They should think of introducing Roll over schemes. Otherwise, its a lost case.

EDIT - Correction - all the packages for regular customer have daily caps on them. :(
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