New BSNL Broadband plans from December 2018 with daily fair usage data limits


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^ bsnl took ages to start offering competing plans in hyd in response to Beam fiber (ACT broadband now). and that too in one city. they're going to do nothing pan india when hjio fiber launches. thats the sad reality


BSNL has screwed up the customers like me and @zerosleeping . And they're losing trust every month. 300 calls are supposed to be to non-bsnl network during non-free period.

Basically, there is no such free calls exist for non-bsnl numbers except for Sundays and night calling (that is unlikely to be used by normal people). So, the plan remains the same at 249 except for the FUP limit that is changed to 1.5GB per day (at 8mbps or so speed).

I believe they didn't want to face the customers in court when they increased their prices. So, they cut down the 300 calls limit without informing the customers. Now, everyone who used a part of 300 is going to knock BSNL on why it charged for 300 calls when they are advertised as free.

Total mess (to say the least).
I have got the discount in the bill.
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Went to the main BSNL office in our area along with the printouts of the latest bills
generated for the broaband and the voice line (2 connections).

What I gleaned from the officers there was that the voice line was automatically
upgraded pan India from FMC Urban 240 to FMC Urban 299 on 1st of December 2018.
So the voice calls on the voice only plan are free for all users across India.

As regards to the broadband connections, since after the plan changes few of the older
plans are missing, they have allowed people to remain on old plans unless the users
themselves ask for migration. I was asked to fill up a form to migrate to the new 299 plan.

I decided not to rake up the issue and paid the extra Rs. 75/- charged for the voice calls.
Will refrain from using non-BSNL calls on the 249 broadband plan.

I already get 8 Mbps upto 1.5 Gb per day on the 249 plan. The only issue is the Rs. 300/-
calls to other networks.

In effect I save Rs. 59 per month (including 18% GST) leading to annual savings of Rs. 708/-
I already have another BSNL and Airtel Landline offering unlimited free calls to all
networks along with a JIO phone offering the same deal on mobile.

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I got the bill now (for December 2018). I was on 249 plan for a few months. The plan was changed to 299 on or around December 1, 2018, automatically by BSNL. Now, I checked the bill to find that I was charged only 249 + taxes.

The FUP limit is the same. But, 300 free calls to other networks seems to be cut-off as I was charged Rs 7.2 (+ taxes) for calls to other networks.

Anyone else with similar bill (249 + taxes)?
Is the FUP limit as per old plan or per day 1.5gb.