New BSNL Broadband plans from December 2018 with daily fair usage data limits


all the goodwill the bsnl got with happy browsing is gone,with thier stupid dail;y fups,bsnl management doesnt understand digital age and they will loose big once jio fibre comes on,cant wait/


^ then what was the reason for introducing HB. i am sure their aim was to increase customer base. when HB was introduced when ever someone ask for suggestion to what ISP to select i used to recommend BSNL. now since that is gone i wont do it again.

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@razpor yes when the news about jio fibre came at first BSNL introduced the old 249 but the date of launch for jio fibre got delayed. once it gets launched i think big offers will come again.

see the case of mobile providers ,they used to squeeze us once ,when jio came the game changed, now they stopped life time validity of sim and forcing customers to charge on monthly bases, this has made customers to move to jio and bsnl.

its because these services are been used by a mass people these isp, mobile providers are playing with customers. the new trai rule to make all channels as pay channel, i dont see a benefit. i used to get some 200 channels for 250 per month,now to get all those200 channels it will cost more money now,even if we select ll the favorite channels the price will exeed 250. :(

no wonderr rich people are becoming more richer and poor and moderate citizens are going more poorer. :(
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The FUP limit is the same. But, 300 free calls to other networks seems to be cut-off as I was charged Rs 7.2 (+ taxes) for calls to other networks.

Anyone else with similar bill (249 + taxes)?
I made a few calls to non - BSNL networks after being on the 299 plan. I am now billed
Rs. 103 extra for the non-bsnl calls.

Imagine my surprise today when I got my BSNL bill generated today (billing date is 6th) and
I am still on the 249 plan with the non BSNL calls being charged.

I will be going to meet the commercial officer tommorrow and if possible get the extra
charges waived off. They have already moved me to the daily limit plan since 1st Dec 2018.

Fingers crossed.


BSNL has screwed up the customers like me and @zerosleeping . And they're losing trust every month. 300 calls are supposed to be to non-bsnl network during non-free period.

Basically, there is no such free calls exist for non-bsnl numbers except for Sundays and night calling (that is unlikely to be used by normal people). So, the plan remains the same at 249 except for the FUP limit that is changed to 1.5GB per day (at 8mbps or so speed).

I believe they didn't want to face the customers in court when they increased their prices. So, they cut down the 300 calls limit without informing the customers. Now, everyone who used a part of 300 is going to knock BSNL on why it charged for 300 calls when they are advertised as free.

Total mess (to say the least).