New BSNL Broadband plans from December 2018 with daily fair usage data limits

Check bsnl website updated from december 2018 :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
1. Experience Unlimited Broadband 299 ** =Upto 8 Mbps till 1.5 GB/day, Upto 1 Mbps beyond
2. BBG Combo ULD 675 =Upto 10 Mbps till 5 GB/day, Upto 2 Mbps beyond
3. BBG Combo ULD 845 =Upto 10 Mbps till 10 GB/day, Upto 2 Mbps beyond
4.BBG Combo ULD 1199 = Upto 10 Mbps till 20GB/day, upto 2Mbps beyond
5.BBG Combo ULD 999 = Upto 10 Mbps till 15 GB/days, upto 2 Mbps beyond
6.BBG Combo ULD 1495 @@ = Upto 10 Mbps till 25 GB/day, upto 2 Mbps beyond
7.BBG Super Speed Combo 1745 VDS = Upto 16 Mbps till 30 GB/day, upto 2 Mbps beyond
8.BBG Speed Combo ULD 2295 = Upto 24 Mbps till 35 GB/day, upto 2 Mbps beyond


Wow. Unexpected from BSNL. The daily limit may be beneficial for some. But, as a business user, I hate most of the plans, except 499 that offers 25GB at 8mbps.

Of course, as long as happy browsing is here, no one is going to bother about high end plans.

Does anyone know what happened to Experience Unlimited Broadband 250 plan? What happens to existing users? Would they be migrated to the new Experience Unlimited Broadband 299 plan? Anyone?
249 plan seems to have been withdrawn from BSNL Chennai website. I'm on 249 plan. Need to wait and see what happens. Happy Browsing does not work on daily limit plans. So assuming happy browsing will be there in December 2018, one needs to be migrate to 499 plan to enjoy unlimited internet. But 499 is still cheaper than competition. Looks like days of dirt cheap internet is over.

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If users are migrated from 249 to 299, then users on other plans would also be migrated. It is going to be interesting times for BSNL. Some users may even cancel their connection. I am going to stick with 249 (or 299), even if they migrate. It is a small increase in monthly fee. But, 499 seems bit higher considering I use it only as a secondary connection.

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Sms from bsnl

Dear Customer, As a gesture of rewarding our loyal customers, BSNL is upgrading your Broadband browsing speed up to 8Mbps till downloads of 1.5 GB per day, plus unlimited free calling on BSNL Network plus additional free calls to any other network worth Rs 300/- per month All this, at a nominal increase in fixed monthly charges to the extent of Rs 50/- New monthly charges will be Rs 299/- + GST Assuring you best of our services at all times. Team BSNL
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