New 3G connection on Samsung Corby Pro HSDPA

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BSNL 600 C+
Hey guys,

I'm going to take a new BSNL 3G connection on my HSDPA enabled Corby mobile phone in Kolkata, West Bengal. This will be my first BSNL mobile connection and I've no previous experience whatsoever of either the SIM or the usage/balance access codes.

I don't know if there is a 3G enabled tower near to my residence. But I've been seeing ads in the local newspapers & also on my BSNL telephone bills. I'll go to my local exchange in a few days and ask about it.

I intend to use it for:
Basic/local telephony, messaging, Broadband - Browsing/Downloading & as a modem for internet access on PC/notebook.

But there are a few things I need to know from you guys so that I'm not mislead.

Please correct the following statements if I'm wrong & kindly provide answers to the questions I've asked:

1) Initial SIM & Activation Charges for both Voice and Data plans under 3G postpaid and prepaid service will cost me Rs. 59 incl. tax. I should get myself a 128k SIM, right?

2) The new SIM will be valid for 7 days, from the date of activation and must be recharged with First Recharge Coupon (FRC), within those 7 days to gain full functionality.

3) Found this on the BSNL 3G Info web-page:

FRCs offered under 3G Services (Prepay):
120 (GL)
105 (SA)
58 (SA - all 0.49)
52 (SA - 1p/sec)
56 (GL - all 0.49)
47 (GL - 1p/sec)

'SA' & 'GA' represent 'Saral Anant' & 'General' respectively.

What's the difference between them, other than charges/rates/freebies? Is there any special advantage of 'SA' over 'GL'?

Does selecting an improper FRC affect the max. attainable download speed?

My needs are 1p/s pulse & 3G data transfer speed.

Which FRC should I get?

4) If I take FRC 47 (GL - 1p/sec), I'm supposed to get:

1 week unlimited data download for 7 days, offered from the date of activation.
After 7 days, normal freebies of 200 MB will be credited to my account.

Can this data (1 week Unlimited + 200MB) be downloaded at 3G speeds, if the network permits?

Will I get 3G download speed on data DL, chargable at Rs. 0.01/10KB, after the expiration of the 1 week Unlimited + 200MB, if I don't activate a dedicated data plan?

5) How much time does the activation process generally take?
For example: Vodafone/Airtel 2G connections get activated on-site (store) after submission/checking of application and requisite documents. Will it be the same in case of a new BSNL 3G application?

Replies are welcome. Thanks in advance:)