Networking problem at BSNL


Reliance JioFiber
Hello EverybodyI have an interesting stuff to share with you.We bought a rack server at BSNL Data center at Bhopal.For which we have been assigned a Static IP to the server.The server got the IP easily and it was access the internet.But since day one we couldn't even ping the Static IP.We spent around two weeks to resolve the issue.Finally we thought, router might be blocking the inbound connectivity.Then, our guy at Bhopal managed to escalate this issue to BSNL Networking guys.BSNL guys where working in the problems since around two hours in our machine.They blamed BSNL Bangalore and Pune for this problem, dunno how.And just couple of minutes ago they managed to resolve the issue.I am not sure how the server was able to access the internet without inbound access.I expect the problem to be a routing issue from BSNL's DHCP Server.