Netgear router repair in Pune or other cities


I have a BSNL broadband connection. Recently I upgraded to a 4 MBPS connection and since then, the ADSL link light on my Netgear DG834PN (Rangemax) modem+router refuses to light up. I rewired my telephone line to check for splitter problems but the problem persists. My old Huawei MT800 gets the ADSL link and connects perfectly. Now I'm using the MT800 to connect to the internet and I'm using the Netgear merely as the wireless router.I have the following questions:1) Is there any way I can try and fix the netgear dg834pn? I tried the factory reset and upgrading the firmware but it didn't help.2) Is there anyone in Pune or any other city who repairs routers? I called Netgear and they said they do not 'repair' routers - only replace them if within warranty.3) The MT800 works while Im browing or downloading. When I shut down my computer and then start it again, the internet is disconnected and the modem console becomes inaccessible. I have to then restart the modem and reconfigure the settings.4) Is there any way to save the settings in the MT800 so that even after a restart, the modem remembers the settings?Thanks,-Ganesh