Need some review of new BSNL FTTH plans 777 / 1277

Well, I am quite dissatisfied with the service here. My connection went down again, the LCO guy came checked everything and told me the power from the port is too high. It disconnects every alternate day, I asked them to resolve it permanently. 50% of the time this month it has been down or I have been getting really slow speeds.


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@Tarang Taneja @vishalrao Type your grievances explaining the situation clearly, take a screenshot of the whole thing and tweet the pic to @BSNLCorporate. In the tweet itself mention slow speed and routing issues. Maybe this can lead to something. And further you can register a complaint on as well. Hopefully, then they will wake up to the situation.
So I just now tweeted to BSNL and also submitted a complaint on PGPortal website, lets see if anything happens. I just hope I don't get into trouble or anything :D fingers crossed.
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Can someone who is using the phone with the don't modem share their fx settings? I was told there needs some configurations to be done before connecting a phone.

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Hi Guys.

I'm having little difficulty in configuring the voice. Can you guys share your WAN & Voice settings, please? I just want to see what needs to be done.

CC: @nitinmits since we are using the same modem.

I have tried configuring the voice in voice settings but it's not working I guess we have to make one WAN connection as well. BSNL JTO has no idea since I'm the first user here.

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I have created a wan interface for Internet but I'm not able to create the same for voice.

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