Need Help.. Switching from BSNL to Youtelecom


BSNL DataOne
hy guys,I am currently on BSNL 1350 plan, 4mbps upto 20gb, after that 512kbps... i am looking to switch to youtelecome 12mbps plan, they have just started services in my building. Just need some reviews about You 12mbps plan. Do you actually get 12mbps? is it reliable? how about downtimes?Also would i need to buy a new router because they told me my dataone modem/router would not work with Youtelecom. Do they charge extra to install the router? because if i get the connection i would not buy the router right away, would test the connection for a month THEN buy the router.All input helps.Thanks !


you telecom
I very rarely get full 12mbps .. Right now i am getting download speed of 240kbps which is little more than 2 mbps .. From last 1 month in Mumbai or specially my area there is a fiber cut every 4 - 5 days and they keep the net shut for a good 8 - 10 hours .. Up until now I was pretty pleased ( im a customer since August 2011 ) but now its getting very annoying with the frequent disconnections and yes while on 12mbps there will be 2-3 days where you will get full 12mbps otherwise be happy with 2 - 5 mbps at most ...


Just to add the customer service is much better than reliance so far ... Also net works decent but the frequent fiber cuts are begining to get onto my head, if they rectify that issue going forward then 12mbps for 1120/- is pretty decent specially when you also get 1mbps unlimited after you exhaust 25gb ....