NEC MEDIAS PP N-01D Smartphone


Oct 29, 2004
NEC MEDIAS PP: Waterproof Android Phone With 4-Inch OLED Screen, 1700mAh Battery, Wireless Charging Support | TechCrunch

Android 2.3 as the OS
4-inch OLED screen with 480×800 resolution
MSM8255 CPU (1.4GHz, single core)
wireless battery charging support
8.1MP CMOS camera
2GB internal memory
Bluetooth 4.0 with Bluetooth Low Energy support
Wi-Fi (tethering is supported)
DLNA support
e-wallet function
digital TV tuner
infrared connection
microSDHC card slot
water- and dust-proof body
size: 128×63×10.9mm, weight: 135g

NEC is especially proud of the 1,700mmAH battery that’s built into the phone and promises about 630 hours of standby and 380 hours of talk time.
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