my snr and attenuation


my internet speed showing 3.39mbps but while downloading 385kbps
Hi. Did you made some setting changes in your Modem?

Because, It's adsl_g.dmt now. In your previous screenshot, it was ADSL2+.

Also, Provide your modem log file. I want to see how many disconnections you are having.
i told the exchange office about this problen
so they are doing something in their office thats why its changed


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Provide Log File of Modem. (Asking Second Time o_O)

What is your State in India?


now the exchange had did something speed increased to 8mbps but while downloading from any device its coming upto 1mbps
i think its about the telephone line wire problem and change into a new wire.Suggest any opinion about this situation.


there may be some issues with the line itself. tell them to check the line. it may not only happen with the telephone wire in your premise it can also due to issues with the line pair that is coming from the exchange.


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You need to have ADSL2+ for sure with Annex M enabled. Set the router accordingly.
The line is configured for 4 mbps from bsnl.

Check if you are having any firewall which restricts you to 400 kbps...

If problem persists check the line for disturbance...,