My detailed interaction with TS executive abt MOvie offer, new channels, coupons (dialogue format)

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CC: namaskar

Connect: namskar! pls tell me abt movie offer i saw on TS today( i pretended to be ignorant abt it)

CC: yes sir! from today (30/05/2008) onwards u can watch 60 free movies till end of november. go to showcase and then specials and click on the movie you want and sms the movie code.u can also order from the website. www dot Tata Sky dot com. for sms the procedure is SC (space) eventcode to 56633. u have a reg number so u can do it.

Connect: ok. i want to know is there any other charge like tax?

cc: no. its free.choose movies only under the specials category and choosing from another category u will be charged.

connect: offer is applicable in tamilnadu?

cc: it is for all customers of tata sky.

connect: list of movies seem very few?

cc: please look at the specials category daily, it will be updated.

Connect: i want to see dharm.

cc: its not there in the category so u wont be able to order it.

connect: when will it come?

cc: look for updates daily.

connect: how many movies can i watch per day?

cc: one movie only.

connect: u mean like ur old system? i must order a movie and it will keep repeating?

cc: yes

connect: ok. iam unable to get coupons in my city! recharging through mobile takes time!

cc: sir there is unavailablity of coupons now.

connect: u mean officially tata sky has stopped giving coupons?

cc: no. our dealers dont have enough.

connect: i heard some 5 channels have been cut( again pretence by me).

cc: u mean amrita?

connect: mh 1 shrada also. what channles r u giving instead of that.

cc: no channels

connect: iam ready to pay for channels i want. can u give me.

cc: no. right now there is no info on what new channels will be added.

cc: any other info?

connect: no thank you. wait! i want to know if my setop box is interopeable?

cc: what did u mean?

connect: i mean can i use another service provider in my st box?

cc: no

connect: sure?

cc: yes

cc: any other info?

connect: no thanx.

cc: bye

if u have anymore doubts which is not raised by me in this conversation pls post it.

i have posted this for those who are wondering what will the hidden costs will be and how to subscribe and when will offer start and end. so those who already know it pls ignore this post completely and if u know any more than i, pls send me a msg or post it here.:)


fedup with ts ccs
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