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Swaraj India attacks AAP, BJP over mosquito menace, to contest Delhi civic polls

Swaraj India, the newly launched electoral front for Swaraj Abhiyan, has also declared its intention to contest the polls. Its leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan have already started attacking the AAP over the mosquito menace.
Referring to the outbreak of vector-borne diseases in Delhi, Yadav also attacked the BJP and the central government. "All the powers responsible for governance in the city have abdicated it. When the entire media was pointing out that Delhi's ministers were abroad, the North Delhi mayor from BJP was abroad too," Yadav said.


Kiran Bedi & Shanti Bhushan were BJP moles besides many others to hijack AAP after Delhi December 2013.

Most of the bhakts are under misconception that it was Modi who was responsible for such landslide victory of LS2014.

It was due to the anti incumbency wave created by AK and Anna........ I would go to the extent..... that it was only the character of AK...... that gave hope to the people.... I would also not give much credit to Anna........ as he himself realised in rallly after rejecting AK and parting ways with him..... there was little response to his call...... People want mant of character and action.....


at the same time..... with his eyes on LS2014....

Because the platform created by AK, Anna, Baba Ramdev, Kiran Bedi, Yogendra yadav, V K Singh and so many intellectuals was the force that defeated Congress....... Modi just did ride the wave....

If Baba would not have run wearing Salwar Kameez at midnight........ I think things would have been totally different...... there would have been no AAP....

It would have been a Victory for BJP in Delhi and LS2014 like 67/70(AAP in Delhi)...


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This is the most retarded conspiracy theory I have heard. And this comes from someone who was deeply involved in the run up to the LS elections.

IAC brought together a hoard of people - social/civil activists (Anna), political opportunists (Kejriwal), former officers/judges (Kiran Bedi) etc. All of them leveraged the massive loot during UPA-2 to bring them to relevance. Hardly anyone knew Kejriwal at the national level. He conveniently used Anna to propel himself overnight to political stardom. Bedi was sulking ever since she was denied Delhi CP post and had an axe to grind with the Congress. She was looking at her two minutes of fame. So were people like Bhushans and YY.

Bhushan and YY were no BJP moles. This statement is stupid beyond belief. If you were to cook stories, a better person to allege as a BJP mole would have been Kumar Vishwas - the guy is true blue right winger masquerading as a left liberal now. Bhushan and YY are strongly inclined communists - actually so was Kejriwal during his activist days.

NDA was destined to win LS 2014. IAC was irrelevant (and always were beyond Delhi - heck they couldn't gather a crowd large enough to fill the ground in Mumbai during their glory days). I am no bhakt but Modi's personna leading up to LS 2014 was larger than life. People were voting for him and NOT against Congress - which is why even in states like UP strong regional players like SP and BSP vanished.


Where did I say YY and PB.......

I said SB & KB..... where it all started..... and tell me if it is otherwise.....

And if it was 2mins of fame for KB..... why was she declared CM candidate for Delhi......

and as for conspiracy theories I have heard enough from Bhakts....

Modi persona.... now you are speaking like a bhakt.....

You need to check out his interview with Karan Thapar...... to refresh your memory....

And Bombay should have been Anna's playground and not AK's which falls in line with what I said above....

Well its a free country you can very well live in your own fantasy land.....


Not just Internet.
Kuch bhi ho my vote goes to AAP.

Andho me kaana raaja. I can see primary school building being built in nearby locality.
Plus my recent encounter with transport dept delhi while getting license. Though there were touts but zero pressure on officers. Means they don't have to pay any monthly target of political leaders.
Whoever uses touts was for their convenience or lack of knowledge. Though things could have been better however still I am satisfied with officers attitude.

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