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Airtel Home 649 - 256kbps
Guys, have noticed one thing in the Account Summary page tht has started in October only.

They added a "Night MB" figure in September. It was to hold our Night MB's data. But, the same amount also used to add up in our Monthly usage (MB Used) column. The only thing tht remain untouched was "ADSL MB" (data left for the month).

But from October onwards, the data tht we surf in Night only adds up in the "Night MB" column n does not reflect on the "MB Used" column.

So, if they go by the data tht is on the Account Summary page n calculate our bill (which holds the maximum probability), their is no need to shut OFF n ON our CPE's. Hope u all getting my point.

Wht say? :p

BTW: Do u all Shut OFF n ON ur whole equipment including ur PC or just pull out the telephone cable n end the current session. Later insert the cable back in after 8AM?

Is the later method correct (Of pulling out the telephone cable from the modem n inserting it back in)? :p


New Delhi
Airtel FTTH
As far as i remember, even in september the MB used column used to reflect the daytime usage and ADSL MB used to show the amount left for the month. Both of them always add up to 500MB (for NU users). Night MB only reflects the downloads b/w 12:00 and 8:00. So i don't think there has been any change in the way it records data. And u still need to switch off and switch on the router. Removing the tel. cable does indeed achieve the objective as in it ends the current session and starts a new one and it is much faster than a router reboot. No need to restart the PC or anything. You can always test it out yourself by viewing the session history. I am just waiting for the unlimited plans to come out so that it puts and end to all this on/off crap and billing problems. But these guys are so slow to respond it's laughable.

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