MOTO G4 + good buy at 12k?


I currently have the Moto G3 for over a year, looking for an upgrade , in the 15-17k range i cant find any thing, only samsung On8 and J7 prime but they dont look like value for money compared to G4 + after 1500 hdfc cashback . Cant find any other brand .. Today is the last day of Amazon sale s0 will have to decide today .

I dont like the looks of G4+ everything else looks good for a 12k device .


If you like skinned android ,LeEco 2 is worth considering.However if you are a camera person ,there is no better phone than G4.


Only few reviews are actually true. Most people just 1 star to the product because it was delivered late or some other non sense reasons. They dont understand the difference between rating the seller and product are two different things.


I dont like the looks of G4+ everything else looks good for a 12k device .
dunno. i saw a bunch of reviews about display issues. photos too. it's hard to trust motorola with anything these days.
I may not have much of a choice and go for this or on8, post buying affliate links for both , will buy most probably today


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i wont recommend a MOTO phone. It works until its good. Once anything goes bad, you will have to deal with a bunch of idiots at service centre. Better opt for samsung. Moto has turned very unreliable nowadays.
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Have a look at the Honor 5c - has good build quality and reviews say camera is pretty good(not as good as the G4+). But it's only available on Flipkart . For Samsung the On8 seems a better choice as it has an AMOLED display.
P.S. Although the best phone at 12K is the Redmi Note 3, I guess.. except for camera.


Once anything goes bad, you will have to deal with a bunch of idiots at service centre.
I think this applies to all phones these days. I have only dealt with Motorola in the recent times and it was not an assuring visit. I have been rather lucky with my devices. But then I keep them fairly protected in case and with screenguard. Plus the fact that I spend most of my time indoors helps a lot I guess. I really am afraid of ending up with a phone that requires a visit to the customer care center no matter what company it is.


I on the other hand had great experience with Motorola. My wife had a Moto g2 which she dropped and it stopped working. Motorola people couldn't repair it, so they gave me a new handset.
I got moto g4 plus its a great phone
if u are not gaming in it then its great
it charges very fast in 15 mins i get 50 percent of charge
Camera is good too.Dual Sim system is gr8 and plus u can add an sd card!
If u want to play high end games then i wouldnt recommend it. and plus u will get android 7 update.
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Moto G4 Plus for 12K is indeed an absolute steal. Trust me, the camera and the display are quite good. The phone has some heating issues though, but that's primarily while charging. An acceptable tradeoff considering the charger bundled with the phone is an absolute beast.

And yeah, stockish Android always feels good. :D