Moto E3 Power + ChromeCast 2


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Not able to cast screen or any app other than YouTube to Chromecast 2. Apps hang when I try it. YouTube works fine and well. Also, not able to set YouTube to play HD. There is no quality selection when streaming through Chromecast 2.
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There was no other device using WiFi at that time. I was able to connect Hotstar and even got success with LocalCast app in last few days. As I said before, YouTube app works fine ( no option to set quality though, resulting in very poor quality video ).

The main issue currently is phone gets hanged when I try to cast screen using Google Home. Also streaming affects every now and then with Chromecast behave like hanged. At times, restarting Chromecast helps.

I am yet to find success to play videos on my mobile and get it casted to TV. But with another phone, everything works fine.

Is there any video player app like MX Player that support casting ?

P.S: Seems like chromium has support dropped for Chromecast . Look here
There is a cast button in Chromium, but when I clicks it, it does not show any devices ( even though it is there )

As for the article, I am confused. What does it say exactly, it does not with Chromium ?

Thanks for the reply.

Youtube plays optimal quality depending on the internet speed. you cannot force any quality. As you said your phone is freezing, it could be your phone what is causing issues. Check your ram usage probably.

As for streaming local media, I use Plex. BubbleUPnP is also good. But none of those are free


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How can we pay for Plex ( ₹ 350 ) through Play Store ? Do they accept cards ?

On web, we can choose ( force ) HD. My WiFi has meek speed, but, I have a Jio SIM with good speed on the phone. Now YouTube defaults to WiFi speed :(
You can only force the quality when viewing on web or phone. Not when casting. And for paying, you can try the app first then Google Play has options of paying through netbanking or through carrier billing for select networks and of course Credit cards and international transaction enabled debit cards (Very few)
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