More Pizza Hut outlets to serve wine and beer


I remember they had an outlet years ago in Chandigarh that served beer. I loved the concept of having beer with Pizza.

But that concept did not last long but thankfully, it is coming back again!

Encouraged by the popularity of its stores that serve not only pizzas but also wine and beer, restaurant chain Pizza Hut plans to open 25 more such joints across the country next year, a senior company official said.

"We are planning to open 25 stores in this particular format. We have received tremendous response to this new format of our business," Sunay Bhasin, marketing head, Pizza Hut India, said.

The company currently operates 10 such stores in Delhi, and Bangalore.

Anyone here has an idea where are these outlets in Delhi?

Pizza Hut to open more stores that offer wine and beer — — Readability

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