modem selection TP LINK VS D-Link DSL-2520U


Jul 13, 2012
hey guys ,
I am a gamer and i need help choosing one of the above. (replacement for my bsnl causing high time jitters)
Well i wanted a modem with stable net no jitters and low ping and delay .
Tat what's a gamer needs (^0^).

i went about looking at the modems
D-Link DSL-2520U seems to packed full also herd it was a old bee-tel model with new cover
and old one seems to hv a quite a fuzz of overheating
D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Combo Router | Router |
theTP LINK looks simple and easy(plain)
TP LINK ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Modem Router | Router |
XD i am getting a headache
which should i choose
please help me out. thank u for ur suggestion and replies....