MIUI USA ROM for Motorola Defy - Guide


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Hi All, I downloaded the MIUI ROM - USA version 11.1.18 and its excellent and smooth. It is better than cyanogmod 7.1.Works with green lens. NO FC till now.I have a guide on how to convert Motorola defy to this rom and revert back to Indian ROM if you need to claim warranty.Message me in private for the guide.


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Hi All,
I downloaded the MIUI ROM - USA version 11.1.18 and its excellent.
Here is a guide on how to make your Motorola Defy run this ROM and go back to original Indian froyo 2.2.2
if you need to claim warranty. BUT ALL THIS AT YOUR RISK. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE. YOU will lose all APPs and any other data on device. Use proper backup of your data before proceding.

Guide is for Motorola Defy and not for Motorola Defy Plus:

1.Download superoneclick 2.1 version http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=489694&d=1295035181
Download http://roms.miui.us/1.11.18/MIUI.us_jordan_1.11.18_Eng_Deo_ZipA_Signed.zip
Cyanogenmod ROM:
Direct Download : http://download.cyanogenmod.com/get/update-cm-7.1.0-jordan-signed.zip
Copy either MIUI ROM or Cyanogenmod ROM zip file as it is on your SD card root folder.
2.In your mobile. Settings->Applications->Development (check USB debugging on)
3.Connect your phone to PC. Right click superoneclick -> open as administrator ->Click ROOT. Thats it your phone is rooted.
4.Restart your mobile.
5.Download Defy 2nd init from android market. install the 2nd init recovery. It will ask you to user either 0.6.1 version or latest version. USE the 0.6.1 stable version. It will download that. It will ask the superuser permission Accept it. Red and green LED will blink. Once successful... green LED will be ON for some seconds.
6.Uncheck the USB debugging from Settings->Applications->Development and switch off and restart the phone now.
7.It will go in to bootmenu select Boot->normal and let it boot.
8.After it has booted, Switch OFF the Motorola Defy phone . Switch ON again. When it is restarting press vol - button when you see the blue led light.
9.Now go to recovery -> Custom recovery -> Wipe data/factory (scroll and select YES) and Wipe cache (scroll and select YES) -> Install zip file from sd card(select the zip file you copied to sd card)(scroll and select YES)
10. Go back --> Blue LED will be on--> Reboot. and Enjoy.

To downgrade to Indian Stock rom it is very simple:
1.Download and install RSD lite and Motorola usb drivers to flash SBF file. http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=609901&d=1306603535
2.Download Stock India Official froyo SBF (FULL) in your PC [SBF] OFFICIAL RE-RELEASE | Android Froyo 2.2.2 SOUTH EAST ASIA + INDIA [RE-RELEASE!] - xda-developers
Direct download : http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/HRXSSAXE/
3.Make sure that Defy mobile battery is fully charged. Switch of mobile. Then press and hold Vol - and also press power on button for 4 seconds.
If you get stuck on a triangle and exclamation, press vol- and vol + buttons together.
Select custom recovery and wipe data/factory and wipe cache. Then go to reboot option. But before you press power on button to execute it, press and hold Vol + button and then press power on button to reboot the mobile. Hold both buttons for 5 seconds till you reach the bootloader. once you see that OK message writtem, connect the USB cable to your PC or laptop.
4.Open RSD lite(right click and open as a administrator). It will show connected. Now select the sbf file you located on the system and click start and wait till it completes 100% process. thats it. it will flash your phone to stock froyo and it will automatically restart and boot. It will halt at many places.... Be patient... dont panic. It will reboot your Motorola Defy on its own. Once it finishes, it will say PASS.

You are back to Indian Froyo 2.2.2 out of the box state.

Use this guide at your own risk. ANy steps missed may damage your mobile for ever.


If it's possible just avoid MIUI ROM.Your phone may be hack because this rom is not open source like CM and it's from Chinese. We all know how china try to hack all world.

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